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Success in the buying of goods and services is not guaranteed to the consumer unless he or she takes an extra mile to ensure that they’re getting the value they want. First, the consumer has to commit to proper discover which entails covering a number of background checks, survey and comments from real life users. Authoritative consumer bulletins like the consumer report magazine can also enable consumers navigate different market places with relative ease.

Today’s consumer spend a lot of money buying different things online; both goods and services. In all this, he or she depends on insights from places like consumer forums, e-commerce site reviews, customer reviews posted on e-commerce platforms, etc. There are however a few industries where consumer information: reviews, expert analysis and recommendations don’t exist. A good example here is the custom essay writing industry that predominantly service students who want an essay written on their behalf.

Student consumer fate vs. custom paper writing companies

Custom paper writing companies are essential to the student in the sense that most of them are wholly responsible for the grade the students score. As such, the student has a special interest in ensuring that whoever they choose is going to over deliver what they under promised. But with fewer essay writing companies sharing the status of the essay writers with the students/customers/consumers, it can be extremely difficult unless they receive information from quotas they can trust. guided-reading-lesson-plans.com is one of those places.

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Why review essay writing companies

Although many custom essay writing companies do exist, it can be quite challenging to differentiate them. The purpose of this website is to make it easier for the students/consumers to have enough information to differentiate them. guided-reading-lesson-plans.com is at the forefront of doing this. In addition to this, guided-reading-lesson-plans.com is also keen to reduce the stress the consumers go through to find one good custom essay writing service by having all the needed information in one place.

How it works

As suggested, this is a custom essay writer review site with two major ends. The first one collects information from the consumers: people who’ve purchased an essay from an essay writer and have something to share. We allow them to suggest a site, and review it, rating and writing about their experience. Our team uses the collective information to create a list of rolling suggestions. We also write a summary that reviews the strengths and weaknesses of each essay company internally.